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This website is dedicated to the ORIGINAL Quadrant Park Night Club, Bootle. 1990 - 1991.

DVD Footage from the original Quad in bootle 1990-1991

A huge collection of images from classic Quadrant Park events. Take a trip down memory lane...

Read all you could ever want to know about the Quadrant Park DJ's in the DJ profile pages.

A large range of classic vinyl and cd's now available for purchase including some rare items.

** Coming Soon **
From it's explosion onto the house music club scene to it's ultimate demise.

Come reminise with old friends and post your favourite memories on the official Quadrant Park forum.

Come and join us on Facebook and Myspace...and check out links to other cool websites

** Coming Soon **
Read how I kept the Quad memory alive and re-invented the Quad @ Club ISIS in 2006.

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