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Quadrant Park DJ Profiles

Gary J

James Barton

GARY J (aka GARY JONES) born june 1969 in wrexham north wales. Inspired by the early streetsounds albums, Mike Shafts Piccadilly radio show and Greg Wilsons mixes started to build up a big collection of electro and post disco NY tracks. House music was a natural progression from this sound and GARYs record buying trips to manchester became more frequent.

GARY's first DJ'ing experience started in oct 1987 DJ'ing at the JACK TRAX RECORDS and FINGERS INC gig in Keele university and then teaming up with wrexham promoter Mark Reynolds DJ'ing at local House nights in the wrexham area. Gary DJ'd at The 808 state and A GUY CALLED GERALD gig at wrexhams cotton club in june 1988 and give him much needed publicity and a residency (where he stayed until sept 1991) in Chesters Blast club..totally transforming the funk night into an upfront house music night. A mecca for local talent this night probably started the careers of Mathew Roberts (king unique) K Klass and Dj Lottie to name just a few.

Garys first taste of QUADRANT PARK started june 1990, the Hacienda had been shut for a couple of months and his friend MATT aka 'COUSIN MATTY' from Radio City told him about this fantastic club in liverpool. They soon got talking to Mike Knowler and Gary started doing the warm up 8 till 10 mostly playing slightly more underground US sounds.

As James and Andy left to do other things, Gary was given more time where he continued to play every week until the sad closure Jan 1992.

Gary followed 'Cousin Matty' to Sunset Radio in 1992 playing the more harder sounds until deciding to go back to his house roots around 1993.

Gary started playing out again at Chester's Sweet night and then in Bangors Elevate until 2004 when due to work commitments decided to call it a day.

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